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Open for business!
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Open House success
Opening week at Organic Skin Care by Janette
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Opening week at Organic Skin Care by Janette

Open for business!

Okay Everyone...I am officially open for business at my new location in Forest Grove!
My new spa room looks so gorgeous!   I looked at it last night, and just smiled!   It's the culminaton of lots of creative flow and hard work!   And hours of support from my husband and daughter too!  :)
I know and hope you'll love it too!  My shelves are stocked with some exciting new products!  
Give me a call!!!! 

Almost there...

Hello...My first post!   Welcome and thank you for reading my blog.  Today I actually hung pictures in my new spa room!   I have had a few special "findings" tucked away for some time in creating my new business vision.   As I looked around, I felt so elated at how beautiful the room has turned out!   I'm so excited to share it with you and can't wait for it to be a mini haven in your life!  
I need to truly thank my husband and daughter for all the countless hours they have contributed to me in helping set up my new location!   It's turning out beautifully!
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